About Us

Founded in 2005, Iranian Association of Academic Publishers (IRAAP) is a cultural, nonprofit, and nonpolitical association with about 150 official members, all eminent publishers in different fields of academic publishing. IRAAP members includes private-owned publishing houses, publishers run by the public sector, and university presses. More than 70 percent of academic books are published by IRAAP members.

As IRAAP is generally responsible for the Academic and Scientific Books section of the Tehran International Book Fair (TIBF), every year, IRAAP serves over 600 academic publishers who participate at this Fair.

IRAAP major goals are:
- Elevating the quality and quantity of academic books to better serve their targeted audience;
- Examining the challenges faced by academic publishers and providing viable recommendations;
- Organizing and holding meetings, lectures, and conferences in order to exchange ideas and perspectives 
- Facilitating and expanding the exchange of books and other cultural products by holding and participating in various exhibitions- nationally and internationally

IRAAP, as stated in its statute, is formed by the General Assembly, which elects the Board of Directors and the Inspector. In order to better carry out its responsibilities, the Board of Directors rely on IRAAP active members to take part by joining any of the following working groups based on their passion and capabilities:

1. Education, Research and Development
Organizing training sessions, guiding research activities, and developing ways to advance the academic book publishing industry
2. National Fairs
Planning and managing the Academic and Scientific Books section of TIBF
3. International Affairs
Introducing IRAAP members and their publications to their foreign cohorts, and building relations with publishing institutes and associations at the international level at the Frankfurt Book Fair
4. Legal
Addressing issues related to the implementation of national copyright regulations, and introducing IRAAP members to their legal rights, and mediating possible disputes
5. Welfare
Enhancing the work life quality of IRAAP members mainly by addressing issues related to the distribution of subsidies, and mediating possible disputes related to the Iranian National Tax Administration and the Social Security Organization
6. Website and Social Networks
Overseeing the design and development of IRAAP official website and IRAAP’s Virtual Academic Book Fair (VABF) website, and IRAAP’s official social networks

Please use the following information to contact IRAAP:

Address: 15th, No. 1182, Enghelab St, Tehran, Iran, 1315693534
Tel: +9821 66979814
Fax: +9821 43858125